5 Things Middle-Aged Men Should Expect From Sex

middle age sexuality

As a middle-aged man, you’ve probably noticed that sex has changed somewhat!

You may think your years of experience have taught you a trick or two but there are some things you should know about sex, now that you’re older.

Below you can find a list of the top 5 things that older men can expect from sex.

1. Your sex drive might dwindle

You will likely enjoy sex just as much as you always did but your need for sex in terms of frequency is likely to decrease. Younger men can be ready to go every single day (multiple times even,) but this might not apply to you any longer.

Some of you could still be ready to go at it like rabbits, but the majority of middle-aged men will not have a super high sex drive.

2. You might have trouble getting an erection

For many men who reach their mid 40’s, getting an erection when you want to isn’t always a given. Erectile dysfunction is very real and doesn’t give you any warning. You might get an erection slower than usual, you might not get as hard or you might not get them at all.

When you do manage to get an erection, you might frustratingly lose it for the slightest reason. It’s quite a taboo subject and you might feel ashamed about what’s happening but you shouldn’t!

3. Premature ejaculation is common with middle-aged men

You might think that ejaculating too early is something that only young, inexperienced guys suffer from but this isn’t true. A study has shown that 31% of guys in their fifties suffer from premature ejaculation and this can often be down to anxiety.

Older guys get anxious that they will not perform well/will not sustain an erection, which can make problems even more likely.

4. Intercourse is more difficult

In addition to you possibly suffering from some of the mentioned problems, your partner (if older) might be having vaginal dryness or other conditions that make sex difficult. Intercourse itself might not be possible or definitely not on a regular basis.

This doesn’t mean the fun is over though, there are many other highly enjoyable acts of sex/foreplay that you can enjoy together so just experiment in the bedroom!

5. Drugs are not essential

You might be interested in using drugs to improve your sex life (such as Viagra) but this isn’t as common as people think with middle-aged men.

Only 10% of older guys have actually tried erection related drugs. This isn’t to say they are bad and you should definitely give them a try if you want to. If you are going to get yourself some drugs, do so through your doctor rather than buying questionable products online.


Now that you know more about what you can expect from sex as a middle-aged man, it’s pretty clear you are perfectly normal.

Don’t think of your sex life as being over, you just need to adapt to what is happening to your body and embrace it for what it is.



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