About Middle Aged Man

I am a Middle Aged Man, hear me roar! (So long as it doesn’t offend anyone…)

carlBefore we go any farther, let me tell you what I’m not.

I am none of these things;

  • A doctor
  • A therapist
  • An expert
  • A guru
  • Overly smart, or ambitious, or even particularly motivated

I’m just a guy, like you, who recently turned 47 48 and find that I’m poised somewhere between looking forward and looking back.

In my wake, I leave a loooong string of failed attempts at relationships, careers, life-changing goals and fitness.

I have two sons from a former relationship, and my own Dad recently shuffled off his mortal coil.

I suppose (assuming again), that the only thing that sets me apart from you is that I was once a tight-rope-walker in a dinky little circus that no one ever heard of, and that I spent five or so years of my life making a living by pretending to be a rock. Seriously.

I’ve also been a carpenter, waiter, mechanic and web designer.

Take a look around…

Modern men are caught somewhere between the masculine model we grew up with and what we’ve learned since then, with “strong men don’t show emotions” on one side and “real men aren’t afraid to cry (and wash dishes and change diapers and be unemployed)” on the other.

At MiddleAgedMan.me, you’re free to laugh and cry, get pissed off and bellow, pick fights and other kinds of manly shit. But, at the same time, I’d like to see some support and some truth-telling. Deal? Good.

Carl Donovan

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And, yeah, here’s me in the rock costume: