Parenting and the Middle-Aged Man

Parenting as a Middle-Aged Man? You realize 200 years ago you’d probably already be dead, right? What the hell are you thinking?

In the blink of an eye you went from the halcyon days of high school football and girls to being a Middle-Ager with a bun in the oven.

Parenting as Geezers Gaining Popularity

It is no longer unheard of to be starting a family later in life. More couples are meeting later or choosing to establish their finances and careers before the wondrous adventure of parenting.

For the most part, waiting until later in life to pop out the progeny is a good idea. As we reach our middle-years we’re typically wiser, more secure, and money is less of a concern.

However, there are also some drawbacks to waiting later in life to have children. We’re old. Our bones and muscles cannot keep up like they used to.

Sleep becomes essential to our energy levels. There can be more demands and responsibilities to keep us busy enough in a day.

Below, I have gathered a list of tips and tricks to help your aging body keep up with an energetic new child.


Work-Life Balance

It may have been your plan to establish your career before having children. As we reach our middle-ages there is no longer a question of what we want to do anymore and should be on a path of where we want to be. The only issue is, after investing this extra time into our careers, the expectations have gone up.

It is important to re-evaluate your career situation when you are planning to be a father. On one hand, that financial burden is looming heavier than before. On the other, you have a new responsibility of raising a child and bonding with them. If you have a demanding job, or even ask lots of yourself, this is a good time to commit to stepping back from work a little bit and spending more time at home for those valuable first few years of life.

Sleep Routine

You’ve heard it countless times before from other parents, your parents, and just about every family. Prepare to lose some sleep when you have a new baby. There is no denying that parenting will mean sleepless nights of consoling a baby back to sleep or comforting a sick toddler. The trick to this is a healthy, consistent sleep routine.

Parenting and the Middle-Aged Man

When the baby comes, gone are the days of going to bed when you feel ready. You should get into a routine early, and stick to it. When those late nights come, your body will feel more rested and the demand for sleep won’t be as high.

For those first couple years of the baby, add an extra hour to your routine. That way the midnight feedings and changings won’t hit so hard.

Daddy-Baby Exercise

People are like the planets. When we’re young we have lots of energy, we spin extra fast than as we get older and collect more mass we slow down with each passing year.

To keep up with these budding stars, staying healthy is important. We want our bodies to be able to last as many spins around the sun as possible. So, as you need exercise, take advantage of your energetic child and be active together. Take walks together, or let them be a part of your daily exercise routine- even if they are just running circles around you and pulling your hair as you try to do a push-up.



Have Fun

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Being a father is the most amazing adventure you will have in your life. Don’t forget to enjoy it as much as you can. Those smiling faces, the fun outings, even the hardest days will be memories to cherish forever. The more fun you have the better life will be.

They’ll be grown and out before you know it, don’t blink!




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