Middle Aged Men Crisis: Why Men Act Strangely After 40

middle age men crisis

This interesting article, Why Men Act Strangely After 40, explains what is a midlife crisis, why does it seem to impact men over 40 and why men act strangely after this age. It points out facts and real men testimonials.

“The midlife crisis period typically consists of an individual somewhere around 40 years of age questioning decisions that they have made and the current state of important areas in their lives such as career, relationships/marriage, and family/children,” explains Alithia Asturrizaga, LCSW… “In this intermediary position, it makes sense that people often have concerns about whether or not the decisions that they have made have created the life that they had always hoped to live.”

Dr. Ralph Esposito says a decrease in testosterone could also contribute to the problem. “As men age, their testosterone levels tend to decrease,”…

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